Botox® & Fillers Are A Great Way To Look Amazing Before The Holidays

Botox® & Fillers Are A Great Way To Look Amazing Before The Holidays

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Botox® & Fillers Are A Great Way To Look Amazing Before The Holidays

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In the aesthetics sphere you can separate procedures into 2 categories; procedures that have immediate effects and those with a slower onset of effects. The slow onset procedures have a max cosmetic effect typically in about 90 days. These are procedures that boost collagen production, the structural element of the body and particularly the skin and gives us lift and thickness. Collagen diminishes with age, stress, and with corticosteroid use in asthma and other diseases.

Our long-term procedures for skin rejuvenation are IPL photo-facials, RF micro-needling, PRP, radio frequency treatments, and thread lifts. While slower in onset of effect, they do tend to have longer lasting effects. CoolSculpting and NeoGraft are our other long-term effect procedures. Coolsculpting is permanent fat reduction with a max effect typically seen at 90 days. Some more physically active people can see a significant CoolSculpting effect at 2 weeks. Our Hair Transplant procedure with the NeoGraft device has a maximum effect in 6-12 months. It may seem like a long time to see the hair transplant effect, but your newly placed hair takes a long time to grow. You can typically expect to see newly placed hair follicles easily last 10 or more years.

We are adding a new type of thread to our thread lifts that will not only lift but create volume like fillers! The lift effect is seen immediately. Volume increase will take about 90 days to see a full effect. The older threads we are phasing out lasted 6-9 months. These new volumizing lift threads promise to provide 1.5-2 years of effect at a price only slightly higher to the old lift-only thread!

Many people are more comfortable with a gradual onset of aesthetic effects. They like a slow gradual natural change. They are not comfortable with a dramatic over-night change. The slower onset procedures take a bit of planning if you want to be looking your best for a future event with their 90-day onset but are worth the wait.

We are not always good planners and need procedures that have a quicker effect. Botox® and Fillers are a great fit for these situations. They are also a great fit for when you need a quick mental emotional holiday boost. Botox® and fillers have almost immediate effects, usually within 2-4 days with peak effect seen in 1-2 weeks.

Botox® is a highly diluted form of the Botulinum Toxin which works to block or minimize signaling at our muscular junctions, so it decreases muscle action in the area where it is placed. Botox® injections are great at softening the actions of muscles that cause crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, and vertical wrinkles seen between the eyes, and many other things. They can also lift eyes and the corners of your mouth. Botox face treatments typically last 3 months. Some people report 3-4 months of softening effect. People with slower metabolisms and a longer history of Botox treatments usually get these sustained periods of effectiveness.

The holidays are crazy times with crazy demands. Taking time to make ourselves look and feel great is sometimes overlooked. So, if you missed the window for the 90-day effect treatments but still want to look stunning, come see us now for Botox, fillers, or threads. We will have a special on Botox during November. You will have 3 or more months of looking your best. If after the holidays, you want to do some more natural and longer lasting treatments, come see us then. We can CoolSculpt stubborn body fat away, rejuvenate skin to the deepest dermal levels, and give you the new younger hairline that will make you sail through the new year.