Laser Acne Treatment


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Laser Acne Treatment

Dr. Ryan Krch N.M.D. has dedicated his career to boosting his patients' self-confidence through reducing cosmetic problems, and he knows that acne can be one of the biggest barriers to that. Our Venus Versa IPL (intense pulsed light) acne laser treatments at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE are safe for every skin type and can work on even the most difficult acne. The Venus Versa IPL used by Dr. Ryan is able to treat active acne by both targeting bacteria and reducing the accompanying inflammation that can lead to scar tissue. Our acne laser treatment at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE can also be combined with other treatments to drastically reduce pore size and offer an even more glowing complexion afterward.

Laser Acne Treatment

Ideal candidates for Laser Acne Treatment

Men and women who experience multiple types of complexion imperfections but want gradual, natural-looking results instead of instant, obvious changes are the best candidates for Tribella skin rejuvenation. Due to its triple-treatment nature, Tribella can benefit those with dynamic deep and fine wrinkles, volume loss, elasticity loss, sun damage, age spots, spider veins, scars, rough texture – or combinations of any of the above. IPL, RF, and RF Micro-needling are safe for most individuals and skin types; however, if you have anemia or a blood disorder, talk to Dr. Ryan about whether PRP therapy is right for you.

Laser Acne Treatment Procedure Technique

Dr. Ryan will perform your laser acne treatment in one of our procedure rooms at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE. After your skin is prepped, he will provide you with protective eyewear and begin to use the Venus Versa IPL applicator to treat multiple areas in the same session. The IPL applicator will introduce blue light through the layers of your skin to destroy bacteria, as well as red light to target inflammation. IPL laser acne treatments typically last about 20 minutes.

What to expect from your Laser Acne Treatment

Patients experience little to no downtime after IPL laser acne treatment, although some redness and minor irritation may occur. Wearing makeup or other products on your skin should be avoided for at least 24 hours, but you should be able to resume all of your daily activities. Depending on your individual treatment, Dr. Ryan may suggest further sessions. For the best results, most patients receive 3 – 4 sessions spaced out 4 – 6 weeks.

Plan your procedure

Plan your procedure

Average Cost

$900 - 1,800

Recovery Time

24 Hours

Average Procedure Time

30 - 45 Minutes

Post-op Follow-up

2 Times Per Week

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At Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE, we use powerful IPL laser treatments for difficult acne conditions. Depending on any other existing complexion issues, Dr. Ryan may suggest a combination of IPL with other treatments. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ryan in Phoenix, AZ to discover all your options for stubborn acne.

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