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Provides immediate drastic improvement to the facial appearance

No matter how much we struggle to hold it off, aging eventually comes for us all. It’s a privilege to grow old and live a long life, but that privilege often comes at certain costs — costs that many of us would prefer to avoid if at all possible, mainly because the price of living a long, full life is your body’s natural aging process — wrinkles, sagging skin and the like.

We didn’t get a chance to negotiate the price, either. This non-refundable, non-negotiable cost was given to us at conception via our genetic code. Some of us were lucky enough to snag a long-life pass on clearance, leaving us to pay very little in terms of signs of aging until much further down the process.

Others, well … others were not so lucky — we had to pay full retail value. That means we start developing wrinkles and skin ptosis much earlier and more severe than some of those around us. Often, because gravity is also working against you, this means dealing with a severe decline in the appearance of skin along your midface and jowls.

So, is there anything you can do about these symptoms when there is no one to negotiate your genetic code with? Yes, there is. A Silhouette InstaLift is a nonsurgical procedure specifically designed to address sagging skin throughout these commonly problematic areas.
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What Is an InstaLift?

The InstaLift is a procedure that achieves both lift and boosted volume via a series of temporary sutures that are inserted into the deeper tissues of the skin. There are a few different options for this category of treatments, which are generally referred to as thread lifts, but InstaLift has stood out in the market as one of the most effective and consistent thread lift options.

Generally, an InstaLift requires only two sutures to be inserted into each of the cheeks to significantly improve skin ptosis and volume loss. The sutures are lined with tiny cones that help them firmly grasp the surrounding tissue and are made from polyglycolic and poly-L-lactic acids, two substances that will dissolve naturally throughout the body.

As the sutures dissolve, your body will naturally increase its production of collagen, the primary protein responsible for keeping your skin smooth, tight and youthful. A lack of this collagen production is one of the primary culprits of your skin beginning to droop in the first place.

After the age of 20, our body naturally loses 1% of its collagen production every year. So it’s not surprising that at the age of 40 — or even 30 — you would begin to see significant changes in your appearance. InstaLift targets a precise area on your face where the production loss is most apparent and looks to reverse it.

How Should I Prepare for InstaLift?

You should remove any makeup before your procedure. You may be asked to avoid certain medications and supplements like blood thinners, aspirin, Aleve, Advil, certain steroids, vitamin E, fish oil, ginkgo, green tea or others. This is to prevent excessive bruising or bleeding.

You and your medical professional will discuss these concerns and any others you might have during your consultation. Make sure to bring along and ask any questions you have to ensure the smoothest procedure possible.

Video: Treating necks with Silhouette InstaLift Threads

What Should I Expect from an InstaLift Procedure?

InstaLift is a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure that does not require general anesthesia. This procedure will be performed in-office and can typically be completed within 45 minutes for most patients. Your Krch Aesthetic Medicine medical professional will examine and map out the best treatment approach when you first arrive.

Then you will be administered a local anesthetic to prevent any of the minor pain or discomfort you would have felt; many patients report feeling only light pressure during their InstaLift procedure because of the local numbing agent. Once the anesthetic has kicked in, your medical professional will then insert a needle into your skin, directing the InstaLift sutures to the precise point on the face. This process is performed two times on each side of your face.

The sutures are then pulled to create an immediate lifting effect, and the sutures are then massaged to ensure they are appropriately lodged within your facial tissue.

What Should I Expect During InstaLift Recovery?

Since this is only a minimally invasive procedure, the recovery is much less intense than what you would experience from a facelift or neck lift. It is normal for you to experience minor redness, bruising, swelling or soreness immediately after the procedure, but these side effects generally fade within a few days. In some cases, they have been shown to linger as long as five to seven days after the procedure, but this depends entirely on your body and how it responds to the InstaLift treatment.

One of our medical professionals at Krch Aesthetic Medicine will give you a complete list of post-operative instructions to follow after the surgery if necessary. Following them as closely as possible gives you the highest chance to have a successful recovery process.

We recommend that you refrain from certain chewy or gummy foods and avoid rubbing your face in the first few weeks after your treatment — otherwise, you may accidentally dislodge your InstaLift sutures.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from an InstaLift?

The results of this treatment are what has made it such a popular option among people looking to address facial aging. It provides immediate drastic improvement to the facial appearance and continues to build on the results as the sutures begin to dissolve into the face. Most patients see results for up to three years before they feel the need to consider another treatment.

How Much Does InstaLift Cost?

The cost of your treatment will fluctuate based on a variety of factors, although most patients can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500 to $6,000 for an InstaLift procedure. Many practices claim to provide top quality InstaLift results for a fraction of the price, but that is usually because they only have a fraction of the expertise, experience and training in this procedure.
Many patients have to come to a more reputable practice like Krch Aesthetic Medicine after going for the discounted deal because they did not achieve the results they were hoping for.

Restore Your Facial Appearance with InstaLift in Phoenix

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