Spider Vein Treatment


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Spider Vein Treatment

These are those tiny veins that show up around the nose and cheeks and on our feet or legs.  Beards do not typically cover where these form on the face.  Leg hair does not typically cover the ones on the legs and feet.  Guys get these more on the cheeks or nose but they can form anywhere.  Unfortunately, these are often incorrectly associated with alcoholism but there is not a clear reason why we form spider veins.  We do know heredity, obesity, trauma, and hormone fluctuation are related to their formation.   Along with varicose veins, spider veins they affect about 50% of the population.

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins are no longer part of your active circulatory system so removing them is not detrimental to your circulatory health.  Minimizing or removing spider veins makes you look younger and gives a more even skin tone.  Large distorted varicose veins need to be removed surgically.  Spider veins are about thread-sized in thickness and typically have networks resembling a spider’s web. We have 2 approaches to spider veins:

  • 1
    Sclerotherapy uses microinjections of a hypertonic solution into the veins to dissolve them.
  • 2
    IPL is a laser or light therapy that targets the pigments in the blood which gives these veins their color and wipes them out.

We like the IPL procedure best for facial spider veins but IPL or sclerotherapy can be used almost anywhere in combination or individually.  Stubborn veins will take several treatments and sometimes combining IPL with sclerotherapy gives the best and quickest results.

Helpful hint: Wearing compression socks can reduce the formation of spider veins in the lower legs.  We recommend compression socks to all individuals who stand significantly long times and to endurance athletes like runners, rowers, cyclists, or spin class enthusiasts.

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Ideal guy for Spider Vein Treatment

Any guy with tiny thread-sized veins who are otherwise is in average to good health. With IPL, there are sun exposure restrictions before and after the treatments. Avoid the sun 1 week before and after each treatment. THE IPL laser puts a lot of focused energy into the skin which additional sun exposure would over-stress the skin. We do not recommend extended sun exposure to the treated areas during the treatment series which may involve 3-5 treatments about 21-30 days apart. We recommend all of our guys wear UV protective clothing including hats and excellent sunscreens of 30+ SPF when outdoors or in vehicles at all times for healthy skin.

If you have sun or age spots, we can use IPL to remove those. Just let us know.  Clear out the veins and the age spots in one treatment and your face will look years younger.  With our RF micro-needling, we can build skin strength and remove or minimize even old acne scars for a nice even skin surface. Ask about our Men’s Skin Triage package, a 3 prong approach using the highest standards of laser and radiofrequency technologies for deep skin restoration.

What to expect from your Spider Vein Treatment

With IPL you will initially see a red or darkening response by the veins after the powerful IPL beam exposure. This is a good sign.  This means the coagulated blood in the veins has been successfully targeted and the cells that made up the spider veins have been annihilated. The veins will break down over the next few weeks, be absorbed by the body, and minimize or completely disappear.

With sclerotherapy, the veins almost instantly disappear. The microinjections can be slightly uncomfortable, and many injections are needed to treat vein networks. We identify feeder spider veins which can take out larger vein networks and minimize the number of injections. Adding a topical anesthetic cream will minimize discomfort and is available for all our procedures at no expense.  If the cream is something you think you would like (and why not?) let us know.  The onset of numbing cream takes an extra 45 minutes for the cream to get to full numbing effect. Most treatments take 30 mins,  75 minutes with numbing.

Both therapies typically require several treatments depending on your goals and durability of the veins. We like to treat to a good outcome and strongly recommend a full treatment package.

What else can you expect?  A good outcome!

Frequently Asked Questions for Spider Vein Treatment

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