How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For NeoGraft®?

How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For NeoGraft®?

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How Do I Know If I’m A Good Candidate For NeoGraft®?

Are you a good candidate for a hair transplant? With technological advances like NeoGraft® Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), performed by Dr. Ryan Krch at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in Phoenix, AZ, chances are, you are. But don’t just take our word for it. In fact, Dr. Krch, who heads the expert team that performs your surgery had it done himself.

Personal experiences aside, some individuals are just better suited for this type of hair transplant procedure than others. Consider these important factors first when deciding on whether the minimally invasive NeoGraph® FUE hair restoration surgery is right for you.

Top Five Factors for NeoGraft® Success

1. You hair is fully developed

Believe it or not, premature hair loss can occur at a much younger age than you think. However, even if you notice the early signs of a receding hairline or pattern baldness, NeoGraft® candidates should be at least 18 years old in order for your hair follicles to have the necessary time to completely develop and strengthen. The earlier you get the procedure, the better chances you have of regrowth. In fact, approximately half of our patients are under 30 years old because they’ve shown signs of pattern baldness or a receding hairline in the early stages of its development.

2. You hair is only receding

For the best results from NeoGraft®, patients should be in the early stages of hair loss. The most successful outcomes usually involve patients who still have patches of dense and thick hair on the scalp that would be optimal for harvesting. Dr. Krch and his team will assess your current head of hair to determine the best course of treatment and whether NeoGraft® is the right procedure for you.

3. The hair you do have is healthy

As with any medical procedure, your overall health can directly affect the outcome of your NeoGraft®. The same holds true for your hair. Healthy follicles will have a better chance of surviving a hair graft. If you are generally in good health and the hair you have remaining is thriving, you are more likely to have a successful NeoGraft® FUE procedure with desired results.

4. You have realistic expectations

Your donor hair area will ultimately dictate your results. And while Dr. Krch will do his best to predict your individual outcome using advanced technological simulation techniques, results may vary. On average, approximately 85% of transplanted hair follicles survive and experience regrowth in their new place on your head.

5. You are a fast healer

Specific causes of thinning hair can also play a factor in whether or not you are an ideal candidate for an FUE procedure. Perhaps you’re too far along in your hair loss to stop the causes of balding. You could be suffering from a genetic disorder that is at the root of your hair falling out at an early age. Maybe a certain part of your scalp was damaged in an unfortunate accident, leaving otherwise healthy hair follicles unable to revive or regrow on a new area of your head. Expectations will be set ahead of time, but maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will always help boost the speed of your recovery and increase your chances of success.

When can you expect results from NeoGraft®?

Candidates who fall in some or all of the above categories can expect noticeable and relatively quick gains from a NeoGraft® FUE procedure. In just 4 - 6 months, your new head of hair will noticeably take shape. And in just 8 – 9 months, you should see full results. What you won’t see are the farming areas of your scalp from which we transplanted your hair follicles. NeoGraft® is as efficient as it is discreet.

Other hair restoration options

At Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE, we do offer more options than just NeoGraft® surgery. And because we realize not everyone is an ideal candidate for NeoGraft®, before any procedure, Dr. Krch and his team will discuss with you other methods of hair restoration based on your age, health, hair, and any other factors that may contribute to your success rate. This may include simpler solutions such as prescriptions to more involved techniques such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) scalp treatments to grow new hair or slow or even stop receding hair.  

Your first step? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Krch and his team of hair restoration professionals at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in North Central Phoenix, AZ to discover if a NeoGraft® FUE procedure will work best for you. Contact us today.