Six Questions About NeoGraft® Hair Restoration, Answered

Six Questions About NeoGraft® Hair Restoration, Answered

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Six Questions About NeoGraft® Hair Restoration, Answered

For many, hair loss is an unfortunate reality that must eventually be faced head on. When common nonsurgical treatments using foams and lasers are no longer viable or effective, a follicle hair transplant should be considered. Luckily for you, great advances in hair restoration technology are on your side, and so too are the hair transplant professionals at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in Phoenix, AZ.

Led by Dr. Ryan Krch N.M.D. and his passion for naturopathic wellness, the team at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in North Central Phoenix is committed to finding the hair graft technique that works best for you. Following a personal assessment of your own hair loss, Dr. Krch will perform a NeoGraft® Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure to strategically remove hair from one part of your body and transplant a graft of the donor hair onto a thinning area. The results will instantly have you on your way to a fuller head of hair and an even greater sense of confidence.

Six common questions about NeoGraft hair restoration
As with any major appearance-changing decision, you probably have questions about NeoGraft® and what it can do to remedy your hair loss. The good news is, Dr. Krch and his team of hair restoration professionals in the Greater Phoenix area have answers.

1. What is NeoGraft®?

NeoGraft® is a well-known leader in hair restoration technology that utilizes a state-of-the-art Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and implantation system for hair follicle transplants. The procedure takes healthy, thick follicles from robust patches of hair already on your scalp, and transfers them to any bare or balding areas.

2. Is NeoGraft® right for me?

As the preferred method of Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in North Central Phoenix, we believe that NeoGraft® provides some of the most aesthetically pleasing outcomes in our industry. With that said, every prospective patient is unique and has different reasons for wanting the procedure. Dr. Krch and his staff will work closely with you during your initial consultation to determine if NeoGraft® FUE is indeed the right treatment for you.

3. Is NeoGraft® considered surgery?

While you will be required to block out a day for your minimally invasive procedure, you will only need local anesthesia as a numbing agent in order to ease any discomfort. As a result, you will be awake for the length of the hair transplant, and you will be able to relax while listening to music or watching TV. As for the procedure itself, you will not see a scalpel, as NeoGraft® relies on controlled pressure to slide out your hair graft, and no stitches or staples are required.

4. How long will NeoGraft® take?

This will vary depending on the extent of the transplant, but your initial procedure usually takes an entire day. And because NeoGraft doesn’t stop the process of balding, you may need future follow-up treatments to transfer new and healthy hairs. Along with the NeoGraft® hair restoration procedure, the team at krch Aesthetic Medicine provides prescriptions that help you retain your existing hair.  However, no matter how many sessions you require, your comfort is always paramount to Dr. Krch. Lunch will be provided on your first day, and as many breaks as you need will be available throughout the day. Many of our patients even like to stretch out and walk around in the middle of their treatment. It’s entirely up to you.

5. Will Neograft® leave any scars?

Because NeoGraft® utilizes numerous incisions that are tiny in size and usually made along the parts of your hairline that are most discreet, your procedure will leave virtually no trace of scarring at all upon healing. Initially, you may see a small amount of scabbing, but this is completely natural and should fully heal and fade in a little more than a week’s time.

6. How long is the recovery time with NeoGraft®?

FUE recovery time will vary from person to person, but you can expect to experience minimal downtime and be back to your normal, everyday activities in about two days. For anything a little more strenuous, we recommend you wait a full two weeks for the treated areas to completely heal. Cosmetically, your new graft will take a few days to take root, and should be fully producing healthy and natural-looking hair in about 4 - 6 months.

Still wondering if a NeoGraft® Follicular Unit Extraction procedure is right for you? Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Ryan Krch at Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE in Phoenix, AZ today to learn more.