Stress, Skin, and Coolsculpting®

Stress, Skin, and Coolsculpting®

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Stress, Skin, and Coolsculpting®

One of the least noted  benefits from Coolsculpting® is its skin tightening effect.  If you are reducing fat in an area and not tightening skin, you can have a very unattractive result.

Coolsculpting® does both, It  is FDA cleared to tighten skin under the chin.  We see this in all our patients and in all the areas we treat and not just when we are treating double chins.

My Coolsculpting Story

Relocating our clinic and rebuilding krch Aesthetic Medicine in 2019 really took a personal toll.  Stresses like these unfortunately make us gain fat, typically around the middle.  It can also make our skin thin and dimply.  The stress of all the changes is apparent in my before Coolsculpting® pics.  

I was amazed at the volume reduction in my waist and flanks.  I now wear a pant size 2 inches smaller in the waist (33” to 31-32”) and got some of my former college swimming 6-pack back.  As a physician, you try to be objective about results, but I was super happy about this change.  It’s the change I see in the mirror every day even 8 months out from my first Coolsculpting® procedure that makes me happy. It’s the change that others see and compliment me on.  

Our patients get the same changes and tell us how happy they are too! Problem areas they were concerned about their entire lives, now going, going, gone!  

In the before pic, I was still working out hard 3-4 times per week and eating very healthy.  Despite all this my body was saying you’re stressed, and you are going to get a protective layer of fat around your middle until you stop running from the bear.  

That unfortunately is how our bodies work.  If you are always running from a bear, you get reserve fuel (fat) to help keep you running.  Well owning a busy, successful North Central Phoenix med spa and clinic always provides plenty of bears.  The stress has not changed but the leaner body shape from Coolsculpting® has stayed!  The other bonus was the change in the texture and the tightness of the skin in my tummy and flank areas.  It is so nice to see the healthy skin change with the permanent fat reduction.

Your Story is Waiting

You can’t spot reduce fat by training or exercising.  You can’t easily reduce the stress-caused fat layer you get from meeting the challenges of life.  But you can permanently slim your body or troubling areas with Coolsculpting® and get even better-looking skin.