Why Should You Get Your Emsculpt Neo Treatment at Krch Aesthetic Medicine?

Why Should You Get Your Emsculpt Neo Treatment at Krch Aesthetic Medicine?

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Why Should You Get Your Emsculpt Neo Treatment at Krch Aesthetic Medicine?


Close your eyes and picture this.

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for since starting your Emsculpt treatments. You’ve shed as much fat as you wanted to shed. You’ve built as much muscle as you wanted to build. When you look in the mirror, you see results that might once have seemed like a distant dream — pumped biceps, gorgeous glutes, razor-sharp abs and toned legs for days. You flash a grin at your reflection and consider firing off a few cheeky finger guns for good measure. 

(Did we mention you also have confidence that could give Tony Stark a run for his money?)

Ok, so that might be a tad over the top, but you have what really matters: a body that is as lean, strong and awesome as you hoped it would be. You’ve reached your goals. You’ve won the fitness game. 

So… now what?

First Things First: You Can’t Just Stop Caring About Your Health

As ideal as the above scenario sounds, it’s not carte blanche to start gobbling down junk food or training to become the first Olympic athlete to compete in a laziness category. 

A healthy lifestyle matters. No matter what.

Emsculpt NEO is the most advanced nonsurgical body contouring system available today, but even so, it can’t hit a cosmic pause button that freezes your physique forever. You have to continue working out and eating right to maintain your body, not to mention your overall health.

This is true whether you’re an Emsculpt NEO user or just an avid gym-goer. In one way or another, you worked to get your results, and you’re going to have to do something to maintain them.

The Skinny on Emsculpt NEO Results — What It Does and Doesn’t Do

Emsculpt NEO is a ground-breaking device that combines muscle toning, fat burning and skin tightening into one procedure. There is currently no other technology that can do all three things in the same treatment.

Let’s focus on the first two. 

After an Emsculpt NEO treatment, what happens to the fat?

Believe it or not, the number of fat cells in your body doesn’t increase or decrease when you gain or lose weight. In fact, the number of fat cells in your body is pretty much constant after adolescence. Weight gain is your fat cells expanding, and weight loss is your fat cells shrinking.

This is what makes Emsculpt NEO such a powerful treatment. It doesn’t shrink fat cells — it actually removes them from your body. The fat cells that remain can still expand and shrink if your weight changes, but the fat cells that are eliminated will never grow back. In that sense, fat loss from Emsculpt NEO is permanent.

After an Emsculpt NEO treatment, what happens to my muscles?

Muscle gains are a different story. You might say muscle is a high-maintenance tissue — it’s harder to build muscle than to accumulate fat, and while fat has a frustrating habit of sticking around when you don’t want it, muscle requires work to sustain. It’s a classic use-it-or-lose-it situation.

Thankfully, it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort to convince your body that your muscles are worth keeping. All you need to do is make modest demands on your muscles regularly, whether that comes from resistance training or an Emsculpt maintenance plan.

Introducing… Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE’s Emsculpt Maintenance Plans 

Now that you understand why your body requires ongoing TLC to keep it looking its best, let us tell you how we can help. We’re thrilled to announce that Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE now offers two Emsculpt maintenance plans for Team NEO members! 

No matter what goals you’re striving for, what your body type is or where you are in your fitness journey, our maintenance plans can give you the edge you need to stay in your best-ever shape. Our team can help you choose the program that’s right for you:

  • Peak Shape — This training package includes 12 monthly treatments. Add any additional areas you’d like to sculpt at an even lower price. The Peak Shape plan is designed to amplify your initial NEO gains and is for the serious body sculptor who wants to keep improving. 
  • Stay Fit — This training package includes 4 quarterly treatments. As with the Peak Shape plan, additional areas can be added for an even lower rate. The Stay Fit program is for those who are happy with their improvement from Emsculpt NEO and want to hold onto their results.

This is huge (if we do say so ourselves #humblebrag). Emsculpt NEO has always made it easier to achieve the body you want, but now Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE is making it easier to maintain that dream physique!

And we know some might consider it impolite to talk about money, but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the pricing of these programs is significantly less expensive than your initial investment in your first round of Emsculpt NEO treatments. Our ultimate goal is improving your well-being and confidence (Tony Stark, remember?) so you can feel free to live your best life. These plans help us stay true to our mission by helping you achieve changes that last.

More Benefits for Team NEO Members

We’re not stopping the perks at maintenance programs. In addition to the benefits above, we’re also offering a new free service for all Team NEO members: InBody 270 analysis.

The InBody 270 is a research-backed body composition analyzer. With just a 15-second scan, InBody 270 provides invaluable data across multiple categories, including your resting daily calories burned (called the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR), percentage of fat, percentage of skeletal muscle and total body water. You’ll learn what each measurement means and why it matters, so you can track your progress and adjust your efforts as necessary.

We see InBody 270 as yet another way to arm you with the information and technologies you need to succeed in your health and aesthetic goals and enjoy a longer, more vibrant life.

I’ve Met My Goals and I Know How to Maintain Them — What Should I Do Now?

Take up crochet? Save the rainforest? Figure out what the sourdough starter craze was all about?

This part’s up to you. You can continue to challenge your physical fitness in fresh ways or try out new treatments to address different goals. Or you can simply relax and maintain your Emsculpt body indefinitely as part of Team NEO.

But first, you have to get started. Call Krch AESTHETIC MEDICINE today at 480-493-5833 or contact us online to set up your free in-person or virtual consult. We can’t wait to show you what Emsculpt NEO and our maintenance plans have to offer.