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Dr Ryan Krch

Hair Restoration

  • Age:
    Over 60
  • Height:
    Over 6'0"
  • Gender:
  • Weight:
    150 - 199 lbs
  • Ethnicity:

Procedure Details

Here at krch Aesthetic Medicine we typically do not see full results until at least 6 months after the procedure. However, at 4.5 months from the procedure Date at krch Aesthetic Medicine in Phoenix Arizona, you can see early results from the procedure. I Dr Ryan Krch am really happy with these early results. We can see the new hairline grown-in down to the drawn hairline. Behind the new hairline you can also see the significant increase in hair density with the visible scalp inside the hairline almost completely obscured by newly placed hair follicles. So, receding hairline filled in and thicker density achieved! Just waiting for the final months for the shorter newly placed hairs to grown to the length of the existing hairs. I also started the medication therapy I do for all my male hair patients at krch Aesthetic Medicine that will help preserve my existing hair so I do not lose anymore of them! Really happy I had all of this done. No need to feel insecure about my hair now and that is the greatest benefit. Dr Ryan Krch NMD krch Aesthetic Medicine.

Proposed hairline in the before picture. New hairline almost 5 months after.

Procedure Photos

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