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Patient 7

Thread Lift

  • Age:
    Over 60
  • Height:
    5'0" - 5'5"
  • Gender:
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Procedure Details

Kaye presented to Dr. Ryan Krch, NMD concerned with under-eye bags and dark circles, deep tear trough, and fine lines below the eyes. At the time of the patient's consultation, Dr. Krch recommended 3 treatments with the twist-type of PDO threads and PRP. The twist type threads, like dermal fillers, are very good at filling areas like tear troughs, deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and lips. There is a slight risk in using dermal fillers near the eyes of causing blindness so we at krch Aesthetic Medicine do not do dermal fillers in this area. PRP works in close proximity to the eyes but unlike dermal fillers has no risk of causing blindness and is really good at filling tear troughs. It is also good for some patients in removing dark circles and bags. The twist threads were placed in Kaye's tear troughs at the cheekbones but away from the eyes. The PRP was placed directly under the eyes to continue the filling effect of the threads but without the blindness risk of dermal fillers. With each visit to krch Aesthetic Medicine, Kaye became more and excited about her results.

This patient was concerned about the constant dark circles under her eyes and the deep tear trough that extended from the corner of her inner eye at a diagonal across the top of her cheek. The patient received 3 treatments of PRP and PDO threads.


We love combining therapies for patients to get a unique solution that totally meets the patient's expectations.  In this patient, we combined threads and PRP.

Kaye was concerned about her under-eye dark circles, bags, fine lines, and tear troughs.  As a medical practice and not a medspa, we have physician-delivered or physician-supervised services.  We will not place dermal fillers to fill tear troughs in close proximity to the eyes because of the blindness risk.  It is a small risk but no aesthetic procedure is worth that risk.

PRP under the eyes in our experience is every bit as good as a dermal filler for filling tear troughs, and as we noted, really good for bags and dark circles too.  Dermal fillers do not do anything for bags or dark circles. So we chose the procedure that would deliver outstanding results for the patient and maintain their safety.

The threads are great for filling the tear troughs so we used them where the troughs (deep lines) extend over the cheekbones.  One month after her 2nd treatment, the bags, and tear troughs have almost completely disappeared.

Notice in Kaye's after pictures how your eye is no longer fixed on the tear trough and the fatigue you see in her before pictures.  In her after pictures, you can see her refreshed look and sparkle in her eyes.  For a patient like Kaye who has the stress of frequent business travel, this result made her very happy and her team at krch Med Spa very happy too.

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